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DUSK, a dance for the time when the light is fading (2018)

Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco

Photography by Robbie Sweeney

Listen to DUSK


Performed by Arletta Anderson, Aura Fischbeck, Phoencia Pettyjohn and Karla Quintero, with an original sound score by Alex Lough.  Created for 4 performers DUSK considers the reality of the body as it exists in relative states of obscurity and visibility, ambiguity and transformation. The dance, sound and real time quality of changing and ultimately fading light of each day will coexist as an experience of transformation from dusk to dark. DUSK comes together at the intersection of dance, new music/technology and natural phenomena. DUSK reveals the layered spectrum of corporeality which make up the individual bodies of the performers as they traverse and inhabit worlds, both real and imagined, throughout the duration of the performance.

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