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Upcoming Performances as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival

Aura Fischbeck Dance

Ambulatory Nature

(2024 World Premiere)

Date(s) & Time(s):
Sat May 4, 8:00 PM, Sun May 5, 4:00 PM
Duration: 20 mins w/out intermission
Location: 3316 24th St, SF, CA, 94110
Venue: Dance Mission Theater

Tickets $20-25


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Shared Bill with Rosemary Hannon, Miriam Wolodarski and Alma Esperanza Cunningham


Order Aura's new artist book:

Body Home (The Labor of Never Arriving)



Upcoming classes:


About Contemplative Dance Practice:
Created originally by Barbara Dilley for students at the Naropa University, Contemplative Dance Practice (CDP) is in her words "a Dancer's Meditation Hall or a Meditator's Dance Hall". CDP combines sitting meditation practice with movement practice, "offering a place to observe and research, alone and together." (Barbara Dilley, from "This Very Moment", writing on CDP - here's a link to the buy the book)


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